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In the Marmol’s big date the newest population was in fact titled Beni Telit

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In the Marmol’s big date the newest population was in fact titled Beni Telit

Paris (31st Get-10th Summer, 1886), ide trimcslre, 1893; «Los angeles Derniere partie inconnue du littoral de los angeles S S2

Fahri, who was simply the very last prop of your own Khalifs of East in Spain, and try beheaded from the purchase from Abd emergency room-Rahman, throughout the A great.H. 140 (A good.D. 757). (143) The highest section of the Jebel Beni Hassan, Mount Anna (7,250 ft.) can often be capped that have accumulated snow (whereby the fresh new editor is vouch off individual observation) out-of November on the stop of April. This new Gomera slopes provides either patches regarding accumulated snow later from inside the Summer, and lots of of elevations about Metiwa El-Bahar nation, enjoys, since seen on the coastline, a snowfall level in that times. Such Beni Hassan towns are nevertheless, as in Leo’s big date, highly centered, and the individuals, an unwell-searching put, incur the newest reputation of are incorrigible robbers, just who target to virtually any complete strangers entering their country. A short while ago, they really raided brand new harem of Grand Vizier in his passageway so you’re able to Rabat, and even endangered the fresh Sultan themselves.-Tissot, Bull, de la Soc. Ge’og. Paris., egara. Anjera was a proper-known region of your own ElRarb province, which harbours tribesmen whom every so often supply the Sultan’s member aching issues. (145) Guadres, Vateras, otherwise Huat. Idris regarding Marmol is Uad Ras, the newest highlands populated by an excellent Berber group of this title. This is the » Dj-Uad Ras» out of Schnell’s chart, the brand new » Ouad Ras» regarding Tissot’s. The newest » battle off Wad-Ras» is actually the new definitive action about Language war out of 1859-60. Although name is produced by the fresh new blast of one title (notice 137), and that rises regarding the Uad Ras, and that is an excellent tributary, otherwise actually, because El-Bekri takes into account they, an element of the latest of the Martil, or El-Jalu. (146) This passing is the battle away from Navas de Tolosa, proven to the brand new Moors as the Hisn este-Ukab, the fresh new Eagle’s Palace, or perhaps ElUkab, where for the 16th July, 1212, maybe not «the fresh new yeere your Lord 1160», even when A great.H. 609, that is considering precisely, corresponds for the best date (p. 358, Bk. ii, notice 72). Nor was it «Jomed durante-Naser li Din Illah, whom lost so it turning-reason for the brand new Arab keep abreast of Spain. Yussuf (el-Mostanser) is actually his child. The brand new formula out-of 285 decades as the that have elapsed ranging from so it battle together with fall of Granada was direct, and therefore naturally this may not if Good.D. 1160 were acknowledged because Christian point in time similar. This can be considering in the early editions regarding Ramusio, even if whether or not, as in it or any other instances, additional by the editor within Leo’s manuscript, these days it is impractical to say. The fresh not too judiciously changed reprint regarding 1837, and this omits every alternatives on Religious schedule, in such a case will leave the fresh incorrect Good. 147) Beni Hued-fiteh, otherwise Beni Gued el-Fetoh out-of Marmol, a tribe

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of the Beni Ghorfit, whom resided much less from the El-Uted, which was celebrated because of its Manhar (otherwise aqueduct). (148) Er-Rif, Riff, Rif, Reef, since the Massif for the Mediterranean coastline away from Morocco is called, is one of the components of the fresh new empire really familiar of the name but minimum recognized. The brand new crazy Berber populace, nevertheless pirates when chance now offers, persistently deny right now allowing people stranger to penetrate its fastnesses. Possibly the Sultan takes into account it wise never to problems this » vnciuill and you can rude some one»; and more than while the hapless authorities of one’s own race’ that have horny their single parent match disapproval was in fact murdered. Leo’s dysfunction still is applicable, in terms of is going to be read regarding the areas of its country that have been skirted here and there. The fresh new » Rifi » try Mohammedans, but, like other of Berbers, not very tight of them : smoking, consuming wines, and you can restaurants the new flesh of your nuts boar. They shell out exactly what tribute they prefer to render on the Sultan inside the mules, honey, or any other nation develop, and to today the latest lion-a tiny black range-that has been slain off in the most common of your own adjacent pieces off Morocco, continues to be difficult in the Riff. The sole European that has traversed the united states away from north in order to south, out of Alhucemas (that he phone calls Albouzema), or rather El-Mezenma to Taza, is actually Roland Fregus out of Marseilles. The fresh new mission try finished within gth April and the 19th Song, 1667. However,, regrettably, like other of your outstanding vacations away from resellers at this period, the Sieur Roland’s unique ventures have gone absolutely nothing matter-of hence geographers renders use.-The fresh new Family relations of a trip made into Mauritania inside the Africk, etc. (Englished out-of French), 1671. The definition of » rif» means on Berber vocabulary » the fresh littoral», and that is ergo synonymous with brand new Arabic » Sahel», and you can almost the same to the Latin » ripa» in addition to French «rive, rivage» (Renou). Leo phone calls it «riviera». » New riuer away from Nocor » ‘s the Wad N’Kur. The fresh » Rifi » have been long split throughout the rest of the Berber carries, and also in procedure for date have not simply developed peculiarities out of lives and you will morals (certain perhaps not of the large), however they are allowed to be easily accepted because of the physical has actually. This new stature of your pornu/n Adami mentioned by Leo is the one from the just like the visible from inside the an excellent Rifian as is the fresh new bareing of your own upper side white teeth of the a far more southern area nation Arab when reading some thing having attraction. But entirely the complete bearing of the people regarding Emergency room-Rif is attribute out-of challenging, separate mountaineers, who more than twenty many years out of invaders have left still unconquered.-Rohlfs, » Der Riff», Deutsche Rundschau, 1894, pp. 193-198 ; Duveyrier, » Itineraire de- Tlemsan a great Melila», Bull, de- Guy. Ge’og.

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