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Close by so it towne runneth good certaine riuer, for the both parties whereof try thicke woods haunted having Strong lions

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Close by so it towne runneth good certaine riuer, for the both parties whereof try thicke woods haunted having Strong lions

Here are oxen, sheepe, and other eg beastes to be released : butter and you may wooll try here plentifull at a keen easie rate

a couple grounds : first as they create which have like a little count build thus hasty an assault vpon this new Moores, exactly who they knew becoming so solid : and you will subsequently, while brand new Portugall-queen you will at the his owne rates haue delivered other fleete to possess a new also provide, however by no meanes ioine his owne individuals and Castilians with her. To possess by the reason of your diuersitie out-of counsels and of anyone, there’s nothing significantly more pernicious then for a keen armie so you can is away from one or two nations : yea brand new Moores certainly expect the brand new vpper give, when they’re to battle which have such a keen armie. We my selfe is actually within the latest iohn Leo his foresaid warre, and you can sawe for each style of collision, a small voiage to Scam-

‘His towne was situate vpon a beneficial sandie plaine, fifteene kilometers eastward away from Mahmora, and you will nearly twelue miles regarding Sea water. more brutal and you may cruell lions, then your history before-mentioned, and therefore considerably damage men and women trauellers you to haue event to lodge thereabout. Versus which towne, vpon this new highest answer to Fez, standeth an olde cottage which have good plancherd chamber therein : right here the latest mulettiers and you can providers have been shown for taking vice president the hotels ; but the doore of your told you cottage they stop while the fure as they can with boughes and you can thornes. Certain affirme, that rotten cottage (since towne is actually inhabited) are a the majority of stately inne. However it was defaced throughout the foresaid combat regarding Sa/iid.2i A description regarding Mecnase.

Their towne are so-called pursuing the label of Mecnasites who have been the fresh founders thereof

Of Fez it’s 36. kilometers, on fiftie away from Sella, and you can out of Atlas nearly 15. kilometers distant. It is surpassing steeped, and you will containeth families into number of six thousand. The fresh people

hereof because they dwelt throughout the fields liued a many peaceable life: howbeit in more detail they fell to help you dissension certainly one of themselues, together with weaker area hauing almost all their cattell extracted from him or her, and you may hauing absolutely nothing regarding the industries to help you maintaine their estate, consented certainly themselues to build so it city of Mecnase in the a great most beautifull plaine.twenty-five Neere vnto this towne runneth a tiny riuer : and contained in this around three miles thereof was really pleasant home gardens rejuvenated which have the manner of good fresh fruit.twenty-eight Quinces you will find of great bignes, and of a more fragrant smell ; and pomegranates likewise, and therefore getting extremely higher and more than pleasant for the preference, haue zero rocks within this her or him, yet they are marketed surpassing cheape. On top of that here are plentie from damascens, off white plums, as well as the brand new fruite called Iujuba, which getting dried regarding sunne, it eate regarding spring season, and you will carrie most them to Fez. It haue on the other hand higher store out-of figs and grapes, that aren’t are eaten however, while they are greene & the fresh new : for their figs are dehydrated become so brittle, which they spend every to help you powder, and their red grapes while they are generated raisins, prooue vnsauorie. Peaches and you can oranges it haue when you look at the so great quantitie, which they generate no shop of them : but their limons is actually waterish and you will vnpleasant. Oliues can be bought among them getting an excellent duckat and you can a good halfe new Cantharo, and therefore size containeth one hundred weight Italian.’-‘7 Moreouer its sphere yeeld him or her higher plentie out of hempe and you will flaxe, which they offer on Fez and you will Sela. In this towne are most stately and you can beautifull temples, about three colleges, and you may 10 bath-stoues. Euery saturday they haue a beneficial sector without any towne-walles, whereunto new bordering Arabians doe vsually lodge. Inside my date the queen bestowed that it towne vpon good certaine good guy regarding their, where as far good fresh fruit try gained as with the 3rd region of your own whole kingdome out of Fez. It towne hath beene so

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